The Hawaii FIT Program is Still on Hold Pending a PUC Review

In December 2012, two years after the start of Hawaii Feed-in tariff program (“FIT”) , the Hawaii PUC began a program review. The Hawaiian Electric Companies filed their first FIT program report in March 2013 and later in November 2013 when they proposed abandoning the current FIT program in favor of a competitive bid system.

Alohi Sun filed a response to HECO’s proposal on December 30th with the Hawaii PUC. [see Alohi Sun’s Response]. Now over a year after the beginning of the program review, the FIT program is still on hold pending the outcome of the review.

Three Tier-3 Project in Reserve Queue

Alohi Sun has three Tier-3 projects pending in the HECO Feed-In Tariff program. One project is first in the Tier-3 reserve queue on the Big Island while the other two projects are first and second in the Maui Tier-3 reserve queue. Each project is approximately 2.4 MW DC.